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My Inner War (Myrath)

Once... while I was walking I saw an angel down on earth... Taking... my fears away He sang... some song from heaven Love... nothing but love Can break this spell of loneliness He... told me his story So cruel... but not so far Faith is there inside you... now and forever I'll be there beside you... here and wherever Why do I have to cry every time I try to love... someone? Why do I give up fighting every time my feelings overflow? I believe in love yes I do and in all mankind Love is not a crime to hide and there is joy to find All we need is to try, to try to heal Your bleeding, bleeding heart Inside your heart they will be there... they will be there So dare the seeds of hell that burn your life... that burn your life Get down on your knees, and start to pray, and start to pray God may shine on you and stop the pain Stop the pain