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Concentrate Living (Daath)

The pigs Downtown live In the thick Thicket If I had a Knife I'd just Want to stick It Overweight women when They sweat I Can't take it If I had a fork I'd just want to Stick it The living dead down- Town live in The thicket I live in under- Ground cities Forced down To do your Bidding I want to Break this Prison Squashed Chaos and Concentrate Living The pigs down- Town live in the Thick thicket If I had a knife I'd just want to Stick it Stick 'em Blood ceremony Kick 'em My territory Kill them Death matri- Mony Slicing off a Shade of skin Appeases the Ghosts and Ghouls within Prisoner of Pain Shall I awake From this Inane Lying in this Crib tomorrow 'Till then I'll Bide my time in Sorrow