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Crystasis (Daath)

All must change It all must change Owned but con- Cealed Coma, tunnel vision Undercover down Midtown mutation Hold the insect down Hostile automation Keys to unlock your- Self All must change Deep, deep in me Hidden, keep Filling this void Inside of me Is this the way I'm To be? Building a wall Around me Is this the way I'm to be? Non stop shaking Now your mind Sickens And your thoughts Collapse But you fight sug- Gestion Stop the navigator Dead Shaken Forsaken What's taken Is making The logic Unmoving Unfeeling And stealing Over load my senses With multiple con- Nections Of forgotten compli- Cations Aborting jumpers In all my cells Someone bought The servant of Broken laws My summoner Overloads For celibate arrow For life without love Is a Name I know I can't Say You put on a mask And go to the termite god A definite goal Accomplish a mas- Sacre To open a different door