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Child Says (Daath)

Do what you said You can't change It I said, back to R.O.T. Born and then you Decay Default, this Wasn't meant to be We star, in all Eternity Draw from this we Say Child says oo oo Just another day Oo oo It's upsetting Oo oo Effigy Choose them Now cut them Your offspring You could be' Indifferent You could be Their savior You falter You frop them Without them Don't miss them Inhuman Now listen to me Kiss my knuckles You're done Beaten down with Your oppression Made me feel a Lesser person And I'll cut you, No compassion Execution, done Out of fear You're a traitor My dictator Outside sickens Inside you die Is this what you Wanted with me? Welcomed the World of the con- Stant seasons Inside my mind Mind's eye I die Locked down Locked down Hearts against the gate Locked down None but the gods would get it Gate Locked down Think how much I Like to this To cut yourself Free of the Moon I'm wide Awake, but Silent In front of me, Void in front of me, But Silent The enemy Thus, I run away from