A Rancid Romance (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

You're never there Eyes never seem to care Now there's a silence piercing through us Your gaze elude, a promise seems to soothe for a while But then you're off into your own mind Now put a side what's been and all we've seen Let go of all that's dear to me How would I know, the words you never spoke How could I know, or see without it It never shows, but it's one for all and each to their own What once was ours is now estranged and gone And breathing side by side, could never find The peace of mind we now deserve Liar, cheater, bastard child Broken promise, love died Traitor, heartless filth of a man All broke down when you ran We mourn the weak, but never let them see We never speak of those who hurt us Don't show the world the reason why we bleed once again Fragile words from a fragile mind In spite of me, of you, it'll grow And now our time has come to us at last