Bedlam Sticks (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

In a place where long lost souls are led astray A penny is a cheap price to pay We play those poke'em in the nostril games all day Oh the fun! Oh the joy! They all would say Ode to tranquil meant to soothe Head riots, all them bells in my mind in high pursuit In love with a spine, I try to stroke it most of the time I wish they could, I wish they would Leave us alone, leave us alone Carnivore, never could tell, no one seems to feed you Carnivore, tell me what is that smell, no one wants to greet you Life on clouds and walls in bloom, bring the cookie, eat the cookie Who's the cookie, I'm the cookie Sing along and my birds will hum, bring the cookie, kill the cookie Who's the cookie, I'm the cookie The warden plays such a pretty little tune We call it the toenail dance and we're in love with the fumes A sweet and innocent after tea romance Painting blisters on our feet, more sugar by any chance? We sway in time to the rhythm we left behind Are we entertained by the lunacy at hand? What we see is man's cruelty We're down on our knees begging you please