Heroines (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

Tuck It In Or Take It Out For What You Cannot See With Them Eyes A Tired Hand, Her Naked Hand, Putting Me To Sleep. It Won't Be Long, Your Glow Has Left Me Dry And My Abstinence Has Been Postponed By My Comfort In Denial. And The Worst Lie It May Be That Hope Said She'd Be The Last One To Leave. Always Close Now Sense It Clear For Years To Come I Can't Go Back To The Things I Held So...I Held So Dear. We Were Crushed By Her Halo Oh What A Way To Go... Endlessly She Said Forevermore In Debt Colourful, So Beautiful, With Fever Eyes Closed And So Free Those Were My Heroines. Freedom Roar From Senseless Mind Apocalypse All Dressed In White Saw It Coming Watched Them Leaving With All I Ever Was. Broken Tissue, Broken Dreams Far-Fetched As Those Fantasies Since Peace Of Mind Was Not Meant For Me. I'll Praise Them Silently...We Were...Endlessly.