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Lucy Fears The Morning Star (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

Set them free, cut the leash let them out, let them feed On a world much too small when it lies at your feet Stay now and you're never to be found Preach and their ears will pretend they can hear With the birth of a cure, spawned out of fear Inhale those words without a sound Over, they're passing over, from a distance, from afar now Closer, they're closer to a weak mind like mine Lucy fears the morning star How she wonders where you are Come out, come out and shine your light Upon those who whisper your prayers at night Rise the accuser, your burn like the sunlight Inferior creatures, their worlds came undone March of the scapegoats, from heights yet unheard of While screaming your gospels, their worlds came undone Make a wish, make it so, you may shine, you may glow Try to belong, so much further from home You walk as If swallowed by the sun We make stand, pick a side, where the stars do collide And their pillars of sand, all wrecked by the tide Let them sleep when their work here is done Slowly, almost calmly they invade me, and persuade me Breathing they keep on breathing, in a weak heart like mine Lucy fears the morning star Won't you twinkle to her from afar Come out, come out and shine your light Upon those who lost their way and sight