Mass Rapture (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

Made a believer, I'm made out of rays from her skin Blinded by faith, I thought her real from within Immersed in a sense to defend My thoughts went black just as by heaven sent Clean your feathers and rise Phoenix burns with them ether eyes tonight Heed her words Soothing and beautiful Freed from the herd Seen and touched by the merciful Holy lies, deep inside Her body a temple, we cannot hide Blood runs dry, we're paralyzed Saved 'cause we're immortal now In love and in glory We worship her story Seek and reveal, release and then cleanse what you fear She reminds me of truth, reminds me of trust and what's real She is silence reborn I'm dragged into light with a mind that's torn Blessed once again in her arms Divine, and with a snake's charm She is peace