New World Widows (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

Spoke of honor, spoke of truth Spoke of everything it made us do In the name of a broken, but promised land Down a path so worn out, stained red by man And I never knew How hatred could consume In a prayer that no one heard Cam the words to late to her Carved in skin and heart since birth Took on duties to cleanse this earth From unbelievers, from those outside Our eyes we close, our hearts we fortify In a world that sleeps Built to make us weak Silence calling, how numb we all are Tried to set it free Tried to leave it be Tried to spare your eyes and now just dream me away Safe from harm now, safe we all are Heaven to her, such beauty in your arms I raise my hands as if time would stop We all bow down, forgive us all So afraid of what could occur Forgot to heal what's sore Spend a life taking back what's said Just words you'll live to regret