Poetic Pitbull Revolutions (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

Red Eyes Only, The Floor Comes Closer, A Kiss That Bruises, A Skin So Frail Iron Taste Tongue, Rage Polluted, The Veins So Furious With A Mouth That Will Never Tell. Scars And Stitches Battered Heart Broke Down And This Time It Will Not Heal Rear-View Lovers, Miss Them Dearly, Years Of Absence Has Made Them Pale. Breathe And Soothe A Wake Mind That Cannot Sleep So Much Hope And Now A Future That Looks So Bleak But What If Time Is All We Have To Make You Believe In To Save Me From Leaving It All. Dream Of Them Lights So Much Brighter, Voices Louder I Hear Them Sleep Naive Prayers, Lone And Futile, Pulse’s Rising, It's Boiling Underneath Didn't Know I Hat It In Me, Didn't Know I Had It All Fuel Them Thoughts May They Keep You Safe From A World That Won't Wear You Again They Tell You It's Lonesome When Led Astray