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Vodka Inferno (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

Saved by her grace, oh so fair without a lock of hair Grabs her by the waist, lifts her high above Says: behold my love! With you, I'll never be lonely Without you I'll never be sane For you, I shall conquer the oceans For you, I'll just leave them again Absinthe love affairs, we fill our lungs with hymns of Pride and poverty and we shall overcome Bring her into our hearts of tar and stone Until that warm embrace will come Words so tender, whispered slowly Heed her bittersweet caress Swears he'll never leave, he'll never lie to her again My dear, forgive me my feelings My dear, I'll give you my all Just save me from all of these thoughts now Just spare me, be there when I fall Woken by her voice A song she's hummed so many times before Hear her calling, hear her yearning For his hand again