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Airplane (Crucial Conflict)

[hook: repeat 2X] Keep on taking me high, so high If they say we fly, we fly (Who dat?) Flict' and Do or Die (Who dat?) Coming from the Chi Bring in the bidness, shut em' down cause their raw Making you feel this, two of the realest crews Laying the rules, do you wanna get chewed up? Shut em' down, one round, when we cruise up Don't pop, one two, combination get a swift violation Put it on my nation, hit em' high, low, murderistic flow We can throw down, in the middle we clown To all my homies locked down, you know I got the clip I'm a pop 'em and drop 'em with two shot Just sippin' and dippin', are you slippin' and trippin'? Motherfucker we don't care who dropped on who block You gotta ride on, you'd better say what motherfucking side you on Never know what the Flict' and Do or Die be on 85 MPH Finna' break all them fakes, in your face, demonstrate Suckers never knew we ever get together on you tricks Chop it like dope, take another year, better step back coming like lunatics A.K the dope with the scope And any motherfucker run up will get smoked And any motherfuckers run up will get choked Coming from the hood and we ain't no joke [hook] True representation coming from the Chi, plenty much to deal with Tell me could you feel this realness, feel the illness (?) the world on the business, we live for thrillness We still could steal this, let 'em really get to know the deal in this game When you push up the price on your name, cause people cause the rain Trying to get your message, just live off your vein Keep blowing, flowing, glowing, now your soaring like a airplane Flying through the sky Steady keep on pimpin' and we thinking were Do or Die Keep em' hot and horny and the canist they want a ride If they say we high, we high They say your bogus, you got the locusts Can't hardly keep my focus, mentally I be the dopest nigga Nigga been sippin' cypher with my six shot rifle Tonights the night I take flight, I keep it hot like vipers so fly I'm knowing your thinking were too zoned out, too blowed in the Mo' gone But your all wrong, all we do is fly We show floating on, still strollin' on, keep it strokin' on >From the home of the C-H-I-C-A-G-O Do or Die and Crucial on the airplane Represent for the same thang, running that we claim, the bounce bang Ring slang to the picture, should I wreck shop? Airplane on the get up, what You can't stop what you can't get up to touch You wanna be down, be down where we stay up Droppin' bombs bout' to blow up Sure 'nuff it's a hold up on the airways You're dazed, in the phase, gonna craze, got you crazed Fly swayed cache, air tight take a flight off hay On a comeup like airplanes [hook] Westside hoodlum with spit shine toys, rhinestone playboy from Illinois Chi' tiller, raw dealer niller, thuggin' posse like thriller, pop milli's Push poles like Godzilla, still a villa filler gorilla Check your mouth cause you know I'm 'bout scriller Real motherfucker from the Chi, I'm a killer For realer, gotta set a pound like a pillar D double O-R-D-IE iller Crucial Conflict, we be riding high, Do or Die keep your head to the sky Belo-Zero gotta get me by, keep on getting me high, so high Hiding in the house, P.D., like a fresh little momma I'm a (?) like Piranah's, have em' harm you Screaming, stealth bomber your honor Yea, Do or Die and this Crucial Conflict's Trying to accomplish in all this here drama KILO! What it be like BELO, let em' know our steelo on the D-low We getting so high worldwide universaly where we go Really though want the dough niggeroe I Double A in the air when I fly B-E-L-O and the Flict' I be gettin' high, gettin' high gettin' high Gonna take you on an airplane ride [hook]