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Desperado (Crucial Conflict)

Whee-hee-hee-hee! [Chorus] Desperado. Can't help it. I just can't let it ride wanted dead or alive. Desperado. Gunsmoke makes me strive. Bogus way of life. Who the hero? Who the villian? When I'm sterrin down the block fools wanna try why fly what they ridin' on the tip of a rider slidin' somebody gotta die on the frontier. Cruisin' but watchin' for a hit cause the hood be on shoot em up everytime I look around something goin' down buck buck somebody got popped stop drop hollow point tips hard to dodge when you lookin' down your enemies barrel you wish your apparel was camaflouge booyaw what you gone do now I got my crew pal and weese wrangla's what I got in my chamber will rearrange ya goddang ya will hang ya death wish wanna play under lasy under lay can't help it when I spray break out if you stay you're gonna pay in a bogus way I'll blow your skull hollow now if you follow that's your choice and you're gonna feel sorrow death hard to swallow you rodent here todasy gone tomorrow shouldn't fuck wit a... [Chorus] In the streets it's a game niggas try to get a name but ah, I don't fuck with em when I hit em with the shit to make em wanna squash it, watch it. Ride off through the valley leave em in the alley. Stankin' bitch who gone trick no witnesses I rush the vic two times in the shit. I laid em, miss he was acting like he had something I got pissed. No whif. A nigga said that he was at you what you gone do strap up black hoody up and bit the dust a hard head make a soft ass, so I'm gone blast. Watch a motherfucker last. Shoot it don't baby food it you got something nigga you'd better use it. Threatning a nigga with a gun it aint fun you caught one. Three off from the back gotta blow my guns woo-woo with a glock make your ass stop. Attack again won't come back again fuckin' him up like a bitch. Bustin' at him quick reachin' for your shit try to get away from me you getting hit you dig. Better move your kids I'm at this nigga and I don't wanna do it, but I'm wanted so fuck it I'm ready to drop em shit I got em. [Chorus] Who can help but to be scandalous cloned a vandalist but aint havin' shit. Boom. Buck. Buck. Who's next to get fucked up. Chump gotta lot of rowdy niggas wannt get your body stunk. Steppin' in the middle of a motherfuckin' blizzard where niggas are livin' and copin' and rooftop scopin' at ass too fast sufferin' succotash. Quicker to bust and blast take em up off the map. Now you wonder why it's on it's on, cause a motherfucker didn't play like that. Start the shit the Conflict we attack right away. To be exact now you wanna squash it. Uh-uh it's a rumble only way we gone end it when you on your back kick off and ripped off til shit aint attached. Itch through the dirt like a bitch bad with crabs. Yee-Haw, Yee-Haw Desperado rollin' out I'm wanted for millions for hanging up scabs. Take that bust off cannon then haul ass. Bogus way of life. But life get the last laugh no chance to glance and dance. Shit in your pants your leavin' the land hit your whole clan with they guns in they hand. Mission is finished and victory flawless. [Chorus] Gunsmoke from the Chi never with a crew and it's Flict and die. Gotta' put em up put yo hands up right now clap I'ma snap react and serve my pack or punch a punk dumb here I come with the Flict renegade and raw dope'll split heads. Come equip or get rip with lead never dis dat strap so what's next we can get down rumble or tuggle around what you got you gotta give it your all right now pal or get piled with pow you foul we buckwild get on up you got one false move. It's Chi for now we down to change the rules. Buddy done got his nutty split sent off a bit now he got some conflict got a thousand grams of mac Wildstylian with Hiddian the Yak. What else you need to justify trials of the Flict cause the Flcit'll straight kick it off somethin' proper dopper know you can't stop a poppin'. Steady mobbin' straight up knockin' you noggin. Tell me what you got, I'm starvin' bring it on nigga you trigger happy I'ma desperado. [Chorus]