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Final Tic (Crucial Conflict)

Hook 2x: C-H-I-C-A-G-O It's the final tic and here we go Forget about them other styles Conflict kicking rodeo Verse 1: Kilo Once upon a time In the land of gang bang mentality When we drop quick Final tic clik Fatality is reality When the sunset We blaze this hay In the midst of a Conflict that's Crucial Here we become bogus on the hunt Notice how we speak this bump If you wondering what is rodeo THEN SADDLE UP! For a different adventure A journey to Chicago Westside where the hood lie '95 bound, we talking bout shit Of a different plane Secret loan hear we bang The rooting tooting shooting maniac Banging gats blunted high The gat going up tonight giddy up We copping that game at the drop of a dime Cause really where I'm at Scandalous, peeping the foes You gotta know the signs Load 'em up fast time running out Turn 'em in turn 'em round For the Conflict If youz a snitch you betta get a grip And come equipped for the Final Tic Hook Verse 2: Cold Hard You know again it's on in the motherfucker Still riding, my style is based on rodeo Crucial Conflict what they hollering They spooky now nigga let's turn it on Fuck it burn shit Let's fight till we hear that final tic Kill till we kill each other clik Bitch, you was talking crazy But now we finish up your damn mouth Send your bitch ass back down south Let you know that your ass out Niggas playing these games like a lame Get they ass whipped Beat up and slapped around Broken legs twisted hips Two eyes shot two busted lips Teeth knocked out two busted whips Bloody body up for gives That's the life you chose to live Now what's up wid that tough shit I knew your ass was just a bitch Drop you down just like a bomb And you got the Final Tic Hook 2x Verse 3: Never Nigga this the final tic Calm bitches done made him mad Bust a cap and jump back and it's on And I'm gone and got a damn thing to say Push push and push one more motherfuckin' time Fuck a bitch fighting ain't the same no more So I got the stinking hoe Push that bitch 6 under zero Who to roll mile though for Chicago Kicking down the door wid the rodeo C-O-N-flict trigger happy got the bomb Up in the barnyard Smoking on hay everyday in the Chi-Town Had you throw down wid rodeo fever And we got our mind made up Give a fuck what the next man say gotta make it Let me get down and take it To that other level, petty ride Who doing the killing Presuming to killing the villain I'ma meet you on that other side Born to kill a man gotta kill a man Born to ride and ride and roll in thick I'ma come on up so you betta get ready For the last and Final Tic Hook Verse 4: WildStyle This is the final tic I didn't mean to show my ass hoe But I can't be soft coming off nasty Willing woulda killa nigga if you wanna Make it out alive kid you might die I could fuck up your homies Everylast one a y'all is a free fall ah no Dynamite all around me In ten more seconds we all might be gone Four tons a death You can't escape the Conflict Wid the rodeo when you explode It's overloading the flow If you know woulda known Betta pray cause it won't be no more Did you wanna be blindfolded Pressure, all around make you feel it I'ma villain I'ma kill it Final tic tock quick In the room and smoke it Close you eyes and hold on tight Don't try to fight it's on tonight Bet a motherfucker now won't touch that mic Cause he might get this dynamite Grabbed your face trying to get away Conflict done dropped the bomb bitch Straight from C-H-I, we never die You know I talk that final tic Hook 6x