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Hay (Crucial Conflict)

Sittin on a quarter 'p of hay Thangs is feelin good today. I'm tore up,from the floor up Sippin on some crown royal. Trippin,in a circle of wood Where everybody smoke they own bud. Good ole' hay How you feel today? Fine,blowed and dandy. Silly like i'm hype off candy. Gotta big,thick chic named sandy. In the farm in the middle of the barn Where everybody's feelin crazy. I went to visit granny's house. Now i see why don't nobody leave. We constantly,constantly,constantly smokin b's. Too blitzed to even shake it off But i still got my head up. Coldhard finna go in the back of the barn And get my big black peter sucked Pass the hay you silly slut, Blaze it up so i can hit that bud. Git me zoned and i'll be on. Cuz i love to smoke upon hay. (chorus) Smokin on Haaayy in the middle of the barn. Smokin on Haaayy in the middle of the barn. The hay got me goin through a stage And i just can't get enough. Smokin everyday I got some hay And you know i'm finna roll it up. Make a cloud I'm gonna take my mind away from all the Bullcrap. Bump my sounds Lay back and roll Mack to the freaks that's on the road. Sometimes i wonder When i was blowed on the streets. Anybody wanna step to me, I'ma see how rough they be. In this session,manifesting On myp's and q's Never snooze cause i refuse. Inhale,exhale the smell. Smokin hay all by myself. Wildstle,laughin loud. Wit my homies by my side. If somethin jump off let it ride On my square when time is live. Everybody throw it up Go to the barn and get some hay. When i get my choke on. Fool you know i'm smokin on...... Hay now hay We smokin up hay in the middle of the barn And i'm lit up Can't get up My eyes are red And my head is spinnin. Took another pull Ridin red bull Got the goofies, can't stop grinnin. Got a posse full of hoes playin in my braids And we bout to get in em. Over yonder is the barn where the pals be at And everything funny. Gotta pause some nigga tryin' to blow my high Smokin all that hay with no money. Now truly this bitch wanna do me So i hit the 151bacardi She high like the sun Thick like cornbread,and i'm ready to party. That hay got me so gotdamn horny But i don't like that tramp. The only reason I'm poppin that coochie cause the hoe had a book of foodstamps. And i got the munchies I need soul food. Collard greens or pinto beans. If you smoke hay like the conflict do, Then you know what the hell i mean. (chorus) Rollin down the block Car full of flies and the flies tried to rise up out dat dorr crack. Got my niggas in the barn smokin on that Hay stack Back up on the scene from smokin herb, I creeped up on the wall and all i heard. Was a bud of mine who dropped a needle in The hay With a funky dime word. Couldn't be myself Couldn't smoke wit nobody else If i didn't pass it to the left. Nigga would have lost my breath. Open up the window 'fore i fall and faint But i can't Cause i roll around in dat barn ride. Rollin up the hootie hoo Roughest skin roller on dat west side. Nigga come on in I got some hay Won't you close dat barn door Nigga what you let them flies out for? Ain't nobody to rich, we poor. Lettin all the contact smoke up in the barn The flies keep us chokin. Thank you jesus christ For all the hay you're givin us Cause we'll keep on smokin'. (chorus)