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Just Getting My Money (Crucial Conflict)

Hook: Just getting my money All the girls in the world wanna ride wit me Just getting my money I'm a Chi-town playa can't you see Just getting my money Mack all the way what can I say Just getting my money I'm the prince of the funk And it sounds this way Verse 1: Cold Hard, Kilo Introducing myself as the chief-king Cold Hard Looking cold like the blow Of windsmoke like a bodyguard Slick as the slickest Slicker you can thinka Screw me ya goofy trick And then I'll switch ya Got me all hot when haters be at me Tryin' ta kick off something cause I be jazzy But I don't trip at all, I keep on macking Sit back relax as my ends keep on stacking [Kilo] Check it out I strut Peeping all the good butts Can I get it on you can have a cut Of a potent raw dope party That have you peeped in one hit Of the key to mack, have you freaking Straight game from the Chi-town The fly town, stop fighting all you fat girls I'ma thousand grammes so act clown Playas hated looking faded Ain't that funny, dummy, Yo girl be giving up the money Hook Verse 2: Neverless Brothers like me you know I have ta ball a bit Out wit the Conflict and you know we runnin' it My fellas told me there's a gang hanging on the road Rolling down the window macking on these 3-0-4's They creeping peeping to the game but they all the same Rolling round wid me this trying ta get up in yo brain But I maintain mine, and I gotta claim mine Running wid them renegades stepping in between lines We rolling up the vibes, stepping in the 9-5 Kilo, Cold Hard and the Never wid the Wild Style Freaks in Deca-T Westside and Chi-Town the best Cause we westbound put 2 up on ya chest now Bow down, bow-wow yo yippee-yay Crucial Conflict's got 'em in the barn smoking on hay But still it's on to the break a dawn, dawn of the day As I chill wid the Conflict, just getting my money! Hook Verse 3: WildStyle Straight for the hood I be live 4-5 by my side As I ride on the funky track bumpin' yo back In the 'Lac we be like snicking a mix like this Every single day when I play my way Cause it ain't no thing for me ta just chill Got my money in my pocket everything is real Who is me? What is me? Could you be like me? Creepin' it's the weekend and I'll be sneaking Bass penetrate my chest when I'm off the cess-sime Ya see the mack make it easy, All a y'all freaks we can party all night Throw ya hands in the s-k-y put 'em up high Sweet, beet, good enough ta eat, Get ya champagne glasses drink is on me To all you MCs, playas indeed, it's the wicked WildStyle And I'd like ta say peace Hook (til' fade)