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Life Ain't The Same (Crucial Conflict)

Hook: Life just ain't the same (Life ain't the same) Life just ain't the same (Coming up in the new game) Life just ain't the same Life just an't the same (Life ain't the same) Life just ain't the same Life just ain't the same (Coming up in the new game) Verse 1: WildStyle I know I gotta make my life right Cause this shit ain't just nothing nice Niggas in the hood wanna take my life Wid a knife so I strap up every night This game ain't no joke I pray to God I don't get smoked Never trust no hoe woulda known that Bitch would set me up she gotta go uh, Thinking back in the days when I played But now I see that life is real, I got a shorty to make my name live If I get killed, but I ain't no bitch That nigga that try ta get me gon' Have a hard time, let's see when I pop That damn nine, paralyze yo ass from head ta spine I live a life of crime, Niggas like me keep mommas crying I think I'ma lose my damn mind If I do some damn time Gotta watch my back and pack a gat That's how the game goes Times change how they bang Life just ain't the same no more Hook Verse 2: Cold Hard Sittin, wid a shorty, They box, but they shoot not Talking that shit you wanna gangbang Well we gon' show ya how Try ta kill me I'ma try ta kill you Dick, what you think you slick Ain't no love here but hate Demonstrate, bring yo clique Tell them folks in the hood Ya coming up making cash flow, GOOFY! How the fuck you claim ta be a pimp You punk ass hoe, I'ma come from the back and rock ya knot Take yo pack and run yo spot If you strapped show me what you got Being a chief gon' get you shot Betta get on it niggas I creep wid So you got ta be fast It ain't the same, shit done changed That's yo ass if you don't blast, And you fucked up trying ta go to war Now it's on every night and day This is serious, ta game any joker Less it's gun play, bi-otch!! Hook Verse 3: Never Creeping ain't no sleeping Life ain't the same in the game Nowadays it's hectic, had to make up my mind Found myself drifting in the wrong direction Back up in the old days, Niggas used to fist up on the block Capping ain't no thing to me When you wanna get rubbed Nigga pull that glock, but I kept on focus Everytime I start to think bullets scatter Have a man caught up in the system's Making us brothers ratter tatter And I really don't give a fuck My attitude is in the indo It ain't gon' never be no old days In the ghetto no more So you betta get a grip on reality And triz-out, I make a wiz-a Coming up in the new day's a damn shame Nigga might think that it's still the same But the shit they made ain't nothing change Coming up in this fucking game Tryin' ta make it in the new days man Hook Verse 4: Kilo You know from what I can see Life just ain't the same now I don't give a fuck no more And I ain't afraid ta die I'ma be all I can be Fuck who try ta top me Down wid tha gangbangalistic shit From the eighties to the nineties Nowadays we gotta wreck shit Niggas coming up wid they clique stick Gangbang about a bitch Jealous cause a nigga slick What the hell is this shit? Youse supposed to be legit Talking all that pimp shit Nothing but a sweet fig I bet I ain't gon' be the one Kissing up to no nigga's ass Just because they say he bad Get his bitch bump then he sad Crying like a baby Life ain't like it was punk Betta get on top of yours Fo you fuck around and get gunned, Punk. Hook