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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Axel Off (Apartment 26)

With strong intent I set the goal Now spin the wheel, let the dice roll I just try to be aware! Arms stretchin out to take it all Now spin the wheel and answer the call. I just try to be aware. I'm so enlightened by every corner of this box I chose To live in. impatiently I wait. Feeling alright? You're the one I lean toward. Gonna get it right You're the one I lean toward. What kind of purpose do you have? I never meant to make you mad Just try to be aware! I wait for you, to keep the peace Drippin with sweat and filth and grease You should try to be aware! Oh the stakes are increasing You know it's just a business to me Oh the insanity Just take it by the scruff of the neck [chorus] You say you don't feel safe So cover up your head Quit lookin over there Where do you want to go? Feel free to take a seat Just try to be aware! That I am the devil Dressed up like you To lure you into a False sense of security oh wait ... [chorus]