Give It Up (R.A. the Rugged Man)

(featuring J-Live) "Give it up! But - it's - just - no - use!" "Give it up! Oh Lord.... give it all to you I try, but - it's - just - no - use!" Aiyo, give it up, rush you up, no fuss, blood rush Cuss much, what's mine? You bust nuts, crunch crunch Spark the bud, what's what, the white King Tut Out in so-fuck, look who they dug up, yup, it's the Rugged On the record with J-Live, I could hardly believe this I never thought I'd be rapping on no record with school teachers Hair flinch from the eighties, library, lies bury TV, tell lies visually, kid you wit me, hostility Humility, hillbilly, gorilla, he mentally illy Still is he, actually, really killed me, billy All that stuff you heard about me, is probably true Heard I got the AIDS virus, I probably do Ammunition spitting is him, is it, you listening Littering written, it's in slippers, get the rebel in him Sticking it with sinners, sizzlin' rhythm, verbally hit him Did he did it, or did he didn't, admit it Pretend he ain't offended, the men and women Every minute they in it, don't be Every illiterate ignorant critical dissed it Every idiot that ain't live it, they talking shit I'm R.A. the Rugged Man, get off, my dick Give it up, for the Gods & the Earths, ladies and gentleman All the human families, the wicked can't stand me The righteous man hands me the mic, it's uncanny how One man's penalty's, is another man's boo-whore The label pun's ironic, courtesy of this sport Still can't stop a grown man, from pressing report A free man can either be freedom or free label When you spent, what you make, to keep making, you can't save A damn thing, no savings, that's how life'll enslave ya That's why I strive daily; to be my own savior I know when shine glows and reflects in my behavior So caught in between checks, I spilled it in respect So give it up, if your mission's belittling my position As a microphone physician, making you listen Me and Rugged Man relate, through a previous poem Like he said, I'm mad famous, for being unknown On records for ten years, I can hardly believe it Never thought I'd be perceived, as just some rapping school teacher Just some dude, that can cut and rhyme, same time Just some conscious kid, that's try'nna save the world through rhyme Just another underground, hand-to-mouth microphonist Stop your mirror rap, just to stop you in your tracks This will stomp you on your track, justice is not just Another ordinary rapper, I'm the crown royal block With a velvet bag, matter of fact, and since the swagger is back And backed by, a whole nation of millions You can't hold me, my new floor is my old ceiling That's why I'm guaranteed, to leave you with something you lack, so just