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Midnight Thud (R.A. the Rugged Man)

Yo, yo I will not stop runnin' 'till I'm winning the race I can't live with myself being in second place Ay yo, here's a little story, something for your ear Like the new millennium version of Paul Revere Except this ain't fiction, this is real life here I be 30 years old and even lasting a year Yeah I made my mistakes, yeah I paid my dues Hated by blacks, made enemies with jews I was 7 years ahead of my time in '92 I said things that wasn't accepted 'till '99 It's awful, I don't care about the past no more I don't want to be rich, trust me, I'd rather be poor Now think about it, known as how I never shown my face I don't really want fame, I just want my space Yeah, I had hard times like Run-DMC But actually I feel pretty blessed just to be me I never seen the penitentiary I've been shook since I seen the ? kid in Penitentiary 3? They say I should have been more, I should have been great Like I'm washed up now, like it's already too late I can feel all the hatred when I walk in the place But y'all are too scared to say shit to my face, it's Midnight (repeated several times) I'll come for you When the clock strikes midnight I'll come for you Ready for hell, ready for war Yeah, it's nice to be loved but I like being hated more All the sudden magazines give me good reviews It used to be my name on the equal bad news All the ? that I'm a genius, all the ? I'm bright Like I just now became intelligent overnight I be as 1990 grimey as I could be And finally society can see admiring me And finally dirty dirty boy, dirty be Wordy wordy free, dirty boy Yeah that's me My father specialist 5th class Thornburn John A A Vietnam war hero, green berret Thaught me how to shoot guns and thaught me how to fight Thaught to left hooking, thaught to uppercut with the right Thaught me all about bitches, they can ruin your life Like in his prime, look what happened to I and Mike People wonder what it's like and how is to be me The most underrated in hip hop history Think I care if you disagree? You ain't got no song out And right now you're busy listenin' me