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On The Block (R.A. the Rugged Man)

I mean, white rapper There's so many of us now White people like rap now Ah, ah, yeah Slick Rick The Ruler, where's the vocals yo? Come in here Yeah, yeah, yeah Ah-ah-ah, check out this bizarre Ayyo! Ayyo! Remember Slick Rick The Ruler, remember MC Shan used to wear Puma Remember Masters of Ceremony, Grand Puba Remember Daddy Kane Aids rumor Yo, bring it back, yo Yo, at the rolling rinks, no skates on Early '80's, girl chase on Kurtis Blow listed the breaks on Flavor Flav, Public Enemy clocks, boombox EPMD made us proud that we was from the Boondocks Before Boob or Steady be, Heavy D, Mouthburnin' Craig G, Shout rap version, TRUE SCHOOL Rock Box, Run-D.M.C., true hip hop Before Biggie and 2pac got shot, there was Scott La Rock Before we even learned to make beats, we was in the basement Freestylin, to 45 King breakbeats But see, rap is corporate now It's all about endorsments So now the rich kids love it, so fuck them poor kids now! I remember when the mainstream hated rap music When James Brown samples was the new shit I yelled BOX like Cool J on some Krush Groove shit Dapper Dan shit, Ms. Pac-Man shit That's when Rakim ran shit Before Sweet T was Suga, before ??? Jack Soopafly snooka Back when Biz Markie was busy pickin boogers Super Lover Cee, L-why-t-e, Chill Rob G Graffiti vandals, Jimmy Packer sex scandals Videos, Ralph MacDaniels Back when we didn't have the papered samples Beasties, Chuck D, Busy Bee got ate up ??? battle cool Moe Dee Chubb Rock hits the Grammys, Hitman Howie Tee, Doug E. Fresh, Chill Will, Barry be BDP, Eazy E, PRT, Lakim Shabazz, Jaz, Jay-Z, Tragedy, QB Markey Fresh, The Mack of Rap, now the Fat Boys are back X-Clan, ZOOM, pro black, Mr. Bozack Where the hoes at, I'ma go back Before we had show DATs, no gats, no plaques Happy Days, Fonzie and Posse Bomb Squad, Hank Shocklee and Keith Shocklee DITC, cool Keith, Ced Gee Busy Boys, Realski Milk D, Positive K, First Priority Posse 8th grade, parents on vacation, house mackin, playin Spin the battle in the basement, fuck ??? Misbehavein, shootin pelletguns at Dunkin Donuts Make the police go nuts Used their nice sticks to chock us Old School, do stay true, Rock Stedy Crew, Zulu Cash Money, Marvellous, Funkmaster Flex ???, cool G, Shante, Glamorous Fresh Prince, Jazzy Jeff Simphony and Simphony 2 Main Source Live at the Barbeque Nas and Akinyele debut EZ Ice, Soul Man Def Squad, Hit Squad 2 Live Crew videos used to keep my dick hard (OINK!) Salt 'N Pepa Shoopin, Potholes and Plug Tunin Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin Shut' em down, Pete Rock producin Just-Ice, LaToya We had Marvin Hagler, fuck Oscar De La Hoya Doin it, doin it too much 6th grade, I ate my first pussy In the back of the school bus