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Shoot Me In The Head (R.A. the Rugged Man)

Self-destruction, I'm headed for self-destruction I'm self-hating, deprecating, I need help of something I'm like cunt, pussy, slut, lick twat, lick dick No, my vocabulary ain't improved one bit I'm the lowest of the lowest life-forms And I make it painfully obvious every time I write songs I'm hated, got liberals begging for the death penalty And conservatives wishing my mother aborted her pregnacy I wish my father just put his dick in my mother's mouth And instead of getting pregnant she choked on me and spit me out Kids wanna be me, why you wanna copy this loser? All I do is spit bullshit immature potty humor You doubting me and not listening when I'm talking You can put my dick in your mouth and rub my balls on your chin Motherfucker done, duck, sucker run, Run Amok, buck, buck gun, Whoudini, hut, hut, one All the other white rappers they can suck my dick In fact all the black rappers they can suck my dick In fact everybody out there you can suck my dick Find me in the basement fighting pitbulls with Michael Vick Now I can say faggot, shit, dick, rape, eat cunt Ain't no censorship issues here so let's be blunt People never could stand me, I really don't care Will I make some enemies with this record? Hell yeah I'm a piece of shit, I'm a fucking fat fuck Shoot me in my head, shoot me in my head I'm a piece of shit, I'm a fucking fat fuck I'm a fucking fat fuck Oh yes, I'm a little bit old and a little bit bitter I could have sold more and been a little bit bigger They claimed that I am the next rapper to get slained Come on, shoot me in my head, put a bullet in my fat brain I got explosives, guns, knives, weapons of all types Ninja stars, nunchucks, bats, pipes, looking for fights (this is shit, can't you talk about something more positive Like the environment or something important like politics?) Yeah, sure - Bill O'Reilly he would hate my guts, so what? Katie Couric she would hate my guts, so what? Barbara Walters or Whoopi; which one's the dumber slut? Keith Olbermann, bitch, could get a knife in his gut Obama nation, the Bushs, the Clintons or 80's Reaganomics It don't matter, the government always be taking your profits The republicans ain't shit, the democrats ain't shit What would make you think that either side is ever gonna change shit? Nancy Pelosi, that bitch crazy Before Obama she was water-boarding terrorists and blowing Dick Cheney Think they was looking for Bin Laden, that's a croc They was looking for him like they looking for the murderers of Biggie and Pac Fuck this, I ain't talking politics no more Instead I'll walk in your office and shit on your floor How my crazy ass look spitting political themes? When I ain't even had beef with Bush 'til New Orleans Hmm, strictly spitting that horribleness Anybody that don't like it they can gargle my piss Rugged Man need love I'mma grab Obama with that three trillion dollar budget And head to the strip club I'm the last one they should ever let speak I should save politics for Dead Prez and Immortal Technique