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Quasars (Gory Blister)

There is a blackness riddled with starlight So deep that distance flows on time, over time Where the substance extends beyond sight And silence seems to be wordless to rhyme Silence seems so sad and wordless to rhyme Indeed...sidereal space is not silent... 'I feel my inner warm fade away...close to my heart please would you stay Your tears won't turn to ice, nor your eyes, I promise' The voice of beating hearts of stardust we call quasars There are black depths where rays will not gather Cause infinite places are timeless, no time, no light Yet time and light have to run together An immense distance that seems to be measureless The distance seems so sad and fleeting to time Indeed...The darkest depths is not distant... 'See my dear, I shine no more, I've lost my kiss and need yours' 'And I'll pass thru cosmic space to overwhelm the distance and caress your face' The voice of beating hearts of stardust we call quasars But some ends come fast To let the universe accomplish secret aims Some stars turn to black Others to dust Death is what life claims 'We walked thru time hand-in-hand, our loving embrace has come to an end' 'This is our last hour, I know but no one will ever part us, oh none!'