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Let's Pretend (The Germs)

Out on the streets what ya lookin' for That thing in your bed's just another whore That tear in your eyes not a tear at all For that girl that you touch you could never fall That stream in your mind it's a tearin' sty [Chorus:] Let's pretend you're vicious Let's pretend you're cool Let's pretend suspicious Let's pretend you're fools Your leather is tight but you wear it full 'Gether is right but you gotta be cool You cut your wrists but you don't feel the pain You change your mind but you still feel the same To dream ain't your kind just another lie... [Chorus] Sell us a story that we can believe Spend your dollars on pills for relief Love is a future that you still can't see Standing answers to questions are free Scream in your boredom life's just to die [Chorus] Dive in problems just like stealin' a fix Is your life to live or is it for kicks Kick dirt in the faces of angry dream men Stand on your chairs and spell don't let me in Son't stand in the light cuz you know you can't cry [Chorus] [Chorus]