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Street Dreams (The Germs)

I won't build my life on your demands 'cause I get my truths from a higher command I've put my dreams through a tougher test and I'm pullin' mind from outta this mess I've got street dreams together with plans I've got street dreams chaotic new stands I've got street dreams ultra magic mess I've got street dreams you're gonna detest I don't like the way the world's progressin' God's on fire screamin' depressin'...yeah! I want a future that's not in the past I don't want your recycled trash...kill it! [Chorus] Mr. Bourgeois we're lookin' for you We want our lives, we ain't got two We're takin' the keys to the locked doors The future is for us the past is yours Give us feelings give us more than you've got Give us everything, everything we want: [Chorus] Build me a world with nothing restrained Give me a hand I guess I can't be blamed If there's a drop to be bled then it's for me Yeah! Everything / everyone for free! [Chorus]