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Take Me Away (Eowyn)

I have seen that riches will not lead to glory. I have found that I'm not always right. I have felt lost, lost at times and even hopeless, But right in time you, you take my hand and carry me through. You come and take me away from the troubles that surround me. You come and take me away from the worries of this world. You come and take me away from all I've seen and all I've found true. You come and take me in your arms, my Jesus. I have seen that people tend to walk in circles, When they've found their running out of time. I have seen pain, pain in many lives and faces. No hope inside them and people lost though they may seem wise. Oh can you lead me down this road alone? Please come and save me. Will you lead me home? I want to run away!! Lost in a world of pain, confused by what I see. I cannot find my way. Please won't you come and TAKE ME!