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Lucified... evil as hell (Ebony Tears)

Spawned of chaos I'm blessed with no pride 666 is my mission in life Possessed by the demon that lives in my soul I'll slow down when I'm six feet below I'm determined I'll never give in When I'm through you will wallow in sin You feed me with hatred you trigger my mind Perversion deluxe is the truth of mankind Now just let it burn Drenched in fire This world shall turn So I let you bleed Only your own blood Will make you see Intrusive I burn through your soul I'm taking you out down you shall go Your mind is infected you'll rot from within Satan will laugh unfolding his grin No way out still you deny Truth of mankind is built on a lie Hatred corruption denial and greed Basic ingredients of true human breed Mankind turn dehumanized A quantum leap of evilsize Chaos reigns you've lost it all Like low life dogs you'll face the fall Obey life ends right now Like a ton of bricks I crush you down Scorn you held your head high so how low will you go? Now death is awaiting cause I run this show Pisspour and soaked from the blood you bleed You're ending your life like a dog on a leash Disillusioned and fucked up you'll finally know The purpose of life lost its charm long ago