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Skunk Hour (Ebony Tears)

We all try to catch the beauty, in a world that's mouldering And we dream of tomorrow, anything to ease this pain Can you deal with the truth, can you deal with life itself Or will you hide behind, retouch the picture and play the game I try to see the real me, but there's someone else in here Open your eyes you coward, now it's time to confront yourself Take a look inside, go on just face the pain Can you deal with yourself, can you see what's really you? Or will you close your eyes, and hide behind another lie I'd like to see the real me. But I'm afraid to look inside I am fear, the lord of pain. I'll break you down, with my bare hands I'm your conscience, deep inside. I feed your mind, you're full of lies Plunge into oceans of hate restrained by, the anger you create Falling, from the stairs inside your mind, crawling helpless like a child When you try to see things clearly, shattered pictures erase your mind You hear voices on the inside, then your mind goes blank Trapped inside your inner self forced to see the truth There's no use to run cause the doors are closed No more excuses the truth you cannot bend It's hard to deal with life when you're used to pretend A psychotic mind erases and deconstructs to improve It'll leave you blinded with a hallucinating truth No more excuses the truth you cannot bend It's hard to deal wiht life when you're used to pretend If I'd only known the answer Life will be easier when you see who you are No more fear no more lies se the truth with new eyes Killer instinct you face the pain Nothing will ever stop you Killer instinct play the game New eyes no longer afraid You'll never hide again New eyes no longer blind We all try to catch the beauty...