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Black Regrets (Jackson United)

So sick of lying about it But can't live without it Keeps up the pulse in my veins now Heart in mouth and it just keeps on beating It's stuck on repeaating The way that your name sounds I don't want nothing to do with me But I'm acting alone again And your lament "you can't repent for the sins of another" the wedding dress the black regrets will do nothing but smother us You push when I push back You should feel like you act You should pause for a moment together Breathe it in til you choke Every lie in your throat every stick in the spokes sends you over now when your planes are all crashing down on a long distance lover Now you're waiting alone At the back of the room Try not to wonder why When you call out his name Only nothing remains Try not to wonder why feels so good and it's true Such a simple fuck you Feels so good and it's true It's the worst we could do