Dedicated The Babies Who Came Feet First (Cold World)

Born to live a life and die Life's so fucked up I don't know why Dwellin' in the past Flashbacks when I was young I seen it all as an only son My pops crooked crack I can't forget that I saw his life go down a dead end path So now I wear my heart on my sleeve And my heart will be dark Until the day I leave You wanna know about my life But dog, you could never live my life Some things are better left unsaid Until I speak my mind I'll feel dead The world still won't listen to me Here's what I see You pose hard, show your scars I never once questioned who you are But that old routine is so tired to me I won't glorify What made my mom cry Hard times, barely getting by But you're the type That loves to fantasize But never knows what it's like Still I'll after all these years I fell at ease around my peers But there's a difference Between them an me I can't run away from my fears Times have changed, times are strange But I know I've seen the worst Someone must know how I feel This is dedicated to babies Who came feet first