Gods And Earths (Cold World)

So much on my mind I can't recline Let's rewind to the days when everything was fine, there was a future In our lives now it's gone and I wanna know what changed, Nothing to lose, everything to prove, Everyone around me is out get you, This is all we've ever had, If it's the end of the road, don't look so sad, I tried before and I tried again, I won't lie and I can't pretend that I don't know why I'm here, No light at the end of the tunnel, I fear gods, earths, seeds and trees, Some get down on their knees, They bow down and live to please something that they can't see, But not me, I know that life is what you make it to be, At times I feel that I'm my worst enemy, No matter how you live, In the end you're found dust in the wind or six feet underground