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Portrait of Dorian Gray (Pagan Altar)

If you would sit within a darkened room With a candle to one side Look hard into the mirror And just focus on your eyes As you sink deeper into your soul Your outline will slowly fade To be replaced by a devils mask Or the portrait of Dorian Gray As you stare into the parallel world What do you really see? The reflection looking back at you Is not the face that used to be? The years have passed so swiftly Like a flash across the skies The countenance of youth has gone Or perhaps the mirror lies? What demon lurks within its depths? Or just a face you wish to hide Maybe you've passed beyond the glass To view from the other side Don't wait till the clock strikes midnight Or you will open up a door And loose the demons that what lies within That could touch your very soul Don't wait until the witching hour Marks the end of another day Or you will unleash the dark forces And the curse of Dorian Gray Are you seeing what lies in store? When time has had its way Or are you seeing what really is Like the portrait of Dorian Gray