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Samhein (Pagan Altar)

Samhein, the night of the dead When they can reach out to touch you again. On Samhein, the dead walk free To roam the earth On this October night They call Halloween. Samhein, when the veil is thin You hear your name carried on the wind Dark fleeting forms on creaking stairs The door knocks loud but there's no one there! Memories of the past arise Of souls you thought long dead They beckon you to follow them And put voices in your head Ghosts Whispering enchantments From beyond the grave The veil is rent asunder On the night of Samhein. Beware those whom you wrong in life And those you seek to harm Deaths memory spans a thousand years And on Samhein the dead return. Faith will never save you From what lies behind the veil And revenge can take so many forms From far beyond the pale!