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Delivering Idiots (Stabilo)

I’m grateful for these things These things are grateful for me but These gifts are plagues These plagues are candy coated I only hope it brings A smile and all the other Little useless things But these hands are tied to an arm And to an eye that won’t abide I’m not doing that well today And self control was never my forte So I call a friend Jesus with a pager and Mercedes Benz Cuz there’s a limit to ourselves And all the games we play It’s metaphor we use to define our day It’s only rhythm It’s only sound But we’re not accustomed to the tempo And we find it too loud And all the time… You look like a star And I talk like a fool I’m delivering idiots and photographs It makes me look cool I’m doing much better today It’s just harder to focus On the things that I hate I’m not too worried cuz I know I’ll get my vision back Then at least I’ll have a weapon To defend these attacks If I could only find a filter For these tricks Then I could bury the riddles deep Deep in the mix It’s not the lines It’s more the tones More often it’s the volume That can make it hit home It’s not the songs That determine if the record sells It’s the faces in the videos that we know so well It’s the push from the whores In leather chairs They package our emotions And they market our fears And the rise to the top is a fall from below I’ve never been one to see writing on walls Still you call me crazy Don’t walk on in don’t expect me to listen Don’t you try to save me Because I’m too suspicious of long Explanations that Make you feel like You’ve really reached me I’m changing my ways I believe Don’t talk about What happened 14 hours ago It’s ok if you smile But please