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Paperboy (Stabilo)

Ask why You don't wanna talk about the things that make you cry You're never really sure about the reasons all the while Same thing Except the main intention, yours wasn't meant to cut And that look upon your face can only mean one thing And that is You hate the things that I'm thinking The things read in my eyes We open up the box and let the demons in the skies Yeah the skies But I'm learning all about my life Cause I read it on the front page on the paper The boy on the bike has delivered my life And along with it comes my alibies And I'm screaming at the side of the page In the corner as I read it I drop my coffee The dates not today or the day before, its the next, That's what kills me I have no choice I can't remember all the things you said I can't remember all the times that you turn that perfect smile Upside down and then Spun it all around In the office that I animate A senior guy but I can't relate To words from happy songs A title of a boy who was a little bit empty Blind man I wish my limbs were broken I'd have hands to heal I can't wake up and I can't sleep So just crash Just crash In the time that it took the flashing van to split the road I actually cared about its destination The car with the cans on the back and the sign just bearing my expectation Pull to the side possibly for like everyone else ask the simplest questions Was it the wife of a lover or a child of a mother or some hated politician And I remember reading all about it in the morning Yes one awful sad misfortune The light had turned red but the witnesses said His eyes were on the girl beside him So take your time Rest your mind And let others creep into your soul now In my life There are few Opportunities to Find release And justify some peace Justify some Justify some Justify some fun release Justify some peace