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Down on Our Own Shield (Dylan Jakob)

It's a struggle, it's a shame It's all give and no take Whatever, it is now, it's right up to our waist It's a pity, it's a shame to see it all slip away I've seen you worried babe, but never this way We hold our ground, we don't kneel If we go down we go Down on our own shield It's a river of tears And we're in over our ears In the dark it rides off with our better years It's a bottomless well It's a little overkill It's the end of a dragon's tail That's whipping round our heels But we don't bow, we make no deals If we go down we go Down on our own shield In this corner ladies and gentlemen Weighing in, all along my love for her is strong We scaled pillars to here tonight It's not the kind of trick you get to pull twice It's an ambush girl A cold-blooded low down dirty world See them yellow lanters walk A circle around our bit of earth It's a turn for the worse It's off with their heads if they don't learn We do this over their dead bodies Before it's over mine or yours We don't beg for mercy dear If we go down we go Down on our own shield