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Everybody Pays As They Go (Dylan Jakob)

Worried 'bout you baby Down in your rabbit hole The evening of our great escape Is starting to unfold Out of bed sleepy head It's different than you know Everybody pays as they go You've got to pull yourself together Your chin up off your throat Whistle for the dogs And get your sled into the snow Nothing's ever buried Under skull and bones Everybody pays as they go The playing field is level But it's ugly down below It's a devil of a handbook hi ho hi ho Either you're the butcher Or the lamb but even so Everybody pays as they go The future busted open wide and ran Like a beehive loaded with sand You can't go back and see it The way you saw it then Nobody can Look up and see the men returning In their winter coats Some of them in one piece Some of them got rolled Some less than others Some right through the nose But everybody pays as they go Young old rich and poor Your mother she too owes Cuz everybody pays as they go