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No Season at All (Dylan Jakob)

I hear you come your pockets of change On down the street you're late again The busy people they've taken their seats Stranded us on our feet The Sunday papers are stacked up high Tomorrow happens in the blink of an eye Ain't nothing moving down the line Ain't nothing looking much alive In the strange land without lights You belong to me since you left your mother's side Everything's slowing down to a crawl This ain't no season This ain't no season at all We can't get right We can't get left We can't get out from under it Now nothing floats and nothing sinks I've been dragged out behind the ship Now all this country and all they steal Everything's far off, nowhere's near Then over valleys and over hills It looks like spring happened but just not here Come out of the background into the front You're bunches and bunches in all at once This ain't summer, it's nothing like fall This ain't no season This ain't no season at all Rainbows were ground up like they were dust Weaving down under the blacked-out sun My heart is open, well it's filled with love It's a civil sentry You still want some? Now wedding fiddles will play loud Beyond the borders of this sleepy town Bite the apple on down to the core The sweetest parts have yet to come forth Now off the interstate and into the void These streets are too narrow for this kind of joy You see the moon slipping over the wall This ain't no season This ain't no season at all