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This End Of The Telescope (Dylan Jakob)

I was born in the summer of Sam Smaller and sooner than planned Oh, in the spitting image of a man Raised by wolves on the fat of the land Clear of romance, beauty and damned Tomorrow will come if she can Just want a woman who can walk on a wire With a trembling glass in her hand Over the hilltops the fire engine rolls Down the valley deeper still it goes Got my weapons out, I'm laying low On this end of the telescope Alone you ramble the whole of the world Through black water jungles for bliss It's feast or famine you eat what you kill There's no need to bring God into this My heart is heavy and pressed to the bone Some people too heavy to hold Salutations take me as I am You can have me or leave me alone Sun kissed lemons in the graveyard below Here in death you see new adventures grow I see you at last but mostly a ghost On this end of the telescope This will not be easy Word's out, the doctor is not coming in This genie's too angry to go back Into the bottle again Closer than ever and covered in birds A bone colored moon fills the west Now, throats will be slashed and flags will unfurl As time will divide us in gangs Now, years of progress digging the sand Companions we made didn't last Lousy lovers do well with their hands But I'll reach you like nobody can Now, slow and easy you let your paddle go Down at the bottom there's more hell to row I see clear at last, I love, I loathe On this end of the telescope