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All The Way Turnt Up (Dash Roscoe)

Soulja Boy Tell'em Do not turn me down DJ turn me up Roscoe dats wassup (wassup) and shawty we All the way turnt up All the way turnt up (shawty we all the way turnt up) DJ turn me up, crank it to the max I got lots of gwalla, I be blowin stacks Polo on my hat, shoes and shirt dat match I be so turnt up, I be swaggin to the max If u get it in, and u gettin dough Gon pop a bottle, dis rite here yo song Purple by the zone, u can smell it on my clothes And it went up in my switch up bout to take one to tha doe I'm gone in another zone I be riding on the engine with no roof goin strong Dey like wat is goin on I don't realy kno Den I roll up all my windows, and I crank dis shit some moe broooooo Hopped up out da bed, wat happenin Soulja Boy Tellem, turn them to my level man Yeeaaah Money on the table All up in Mexico, gettin to the peso Whoooa Check out the gear If gettin money was a sport, I'm MVP every year Gettin money ova here Den I kno where I'm from Yo girl spinnin on my dick jus like a cd rom T-t-t-t-turn uuppp Turn up til u can't turn no mo Burn up til u can't burn no mo Rock my chain er'where I go Smoke til u can't smoke no mo Choke til u can't choke no mo Work til u can't work no mo I'm rich I can't get rich no mo Turn up All I kno is turn up Smokin like a hippie I swear all I do is burn up I'm in VIP and they be actin like they kno us I'm like free turn up Excuse me wile I turn up All dese hoes be choosen but I'm turnt up all the way I don't turned up on da road I be turned up round da globe All dese niggas mad cause I be pullin all they hoes First I get em to the room They be turnt up out they clothes like And I be goin ham I don't think dese niqqas really kno jus how I am Just r-o-s-c-o-e dash And I gets lots of cash But for short u call me Mr Way to turnt up for your ass