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Animal Liberation (Animal Liberation Orchestra)

The animal crouched in the corner Teeth clenched, ready to kill The child maintained his ground by the bed Challenging the creature's will Suddenly they stopped In a fog of blood and tears Upon the revelation That the one they fought was a mirror Then the child got up And the animal knew the time had come For what was separated long ago Must now be made into one The image that binds us Is a creation of our mind Let is go and the rest will flow in time And I knew you were hurt Playin' it off like you were tough Cause I saw your spirit shrivel When suddenly you thought You weren't good enough And I think it's sad, so sad I think it's bad for our health To let hurtful words and thorny spurs keep us From being ourselves So at the end of the song The message that comes through Is you gotta be true to what grows on you People gonna judge People gonna always suck you in Just remember what works for you May not work for them Everybody in the workd today Has an animal they need to liberate Everybody, everyone