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Pobrecito (Animal Liberation Orchestra)

Jealousy is gonna tear us apart If you let it take hold A poison from the brain to the heart That'll bleed the love from your soul And break what once was whole Until you're left with lots of little pieces Solidified by the slamming of a door So don't let that jealousy overtake you Make you destroy that which you care for And the Spanish temptress rubbed his temples and told him to close his eyes "Here sip on this and everything will be all right" "Pobrecito" Pass me some more of that Spanish fly "Esperate un minuto" I need something to dilute my mind "Tu no sabes es posible que nunca regrese" But he didn't hear a word that was said Slobbering he sucked down another Ignoring the danger closing in You gotta let the bat fly, out of its cave You shouldn't wait another minute If it's making your heart break