Valentine's Day (Animal Liberation Orchestra)

A dozen long-stem roses And a lack of panty hoses Brought Chuck and his tow truck to us last night Dumped by his lady and looking for dough He was willing to give Steve's Civic a tow For a hundred and fifty dollars We were only an hour from home So Chuck took off and Dave came in This guy could take a Honda apart And put it back together again In a few hours and if he couldn't he lied At 11pm Valentine's Day Man, he was willing to try And all the angry lovers Waiting in the gas line Found no sympathy From me and my Valentines A Gilroy grease-monkey Who liked to get high and get funky Named Bo joined Dave to work on Steve's car Bo had learned Civics way back in high school Where he learned to play it tough And learned to play it cool In the back parking lot By the auto shop at Gilroy High Ah, then sparks flew into the night As they probed for hours Beneath the pale moon light The whole time me and Steve Wondering why don't these guys Have anything better to do Finally at 2 o'clock they stopped And they asked if we wanted to sniff a line I said no thanks but I guess that explains What they were doing up at that time Macy's and Hallmark made it what it is today Well it's a corporate holiday To all the jealous lovers With their candies and their flowers Standing around with nothing left to say Hoping that maybe tomorrow is gonna better than today Better than Valentine's Day