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Waiting For Jaden (Animal Liberation Orchestra)

The telephone was ringing Grandparents were frantically running about And everyone kept asking "When's that baby coming out?" Well, Earth Day 2000 was her due date But by May the 4th, Jaden was late So we were waiting, waiting for Jaden, oooh We wanted to have you naturally So we searched out all the possible remedies Hot sex, nipple stimulation, castor oil, and gory movies And by that Friday They were threatening to induce And we pleaded with you to come out And call it a truce Jaden can't you hear what we say, your mother and I want you to come out and play It was Cinco de Mayo And while patriots were cruising the boulevard Your mother was pushing And she was pushing hard The stroke of midnight And she pushed once more And at 12:02 on May the 6th Jaden was born Now were elated, elated for Jaden, oooh...