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Wasting Time (isla Vista Song) (Animal Liberation Orchestra)

Well I was sittin' on the porch with Mel and Web Kickin' back pullin' tubes courtesy of Jeb When Smootie rang up and he dropped a dime We're at the Django house and the waves are fine Dan came back with an ol' lap steel When he puts it in his hands he's got to be real If you come around the corner don't forget to turn And bring a little fire we got somethin' to burn I got around the corner, I was half way there When I met Ted Moore and of course John Hare They had just got a sack weighing 3.5 It was 4:19, just about that time So we took a detour to 6703 The house they occupy oceanside D.P. Got up stairs and locked the door Jerry and the Dead on the video They pulled out the binger and I started to drool It was the 5 foot caustic weapon crystal tool I caught the fumes and I lost my mind Happens every time that I smoke the kind, but... I never learn but I don' mind, I'm just wastin' time I went to the beach and I picked up a rock I threw it in the ocean and the waves then Caught it and dropped it back into the sea So then I walked away and I let it be Cause it had been lying there for a million days Before I picked it up and threw it away I left the shore, went to the liquor store Saw crazy Bruce, he was waiting for Someone to buy him some fine malt liquor When he gets it in his system he's a real shitkicker He'll play you a song if you've got the time And even if you don't, he's liable to try So I left him there, and went into S.O.S. Bought myself a bottle of the black cisco death Drank it down while watching Dave's band Somebody stuck a doob in my hand So I took a hit and I passed it on I woke up on the pavement not before too long I never learn but I don't mind But sometimes it takes a couple of tries, but