Can You Feel It (Shyheim)

Haaaaaa, and it don't stop and it don't stop Rugged child got the world prop nigga Can you feel it Can you feel it (do I gotta cock my pistol? ) [shyheim] I be notorious like that nigga big smalls Plus I keep it raw live illegal like jamal If ya act up you get shot up What the blood? I represent thugs (you know it) Y'all know my style, bring it to man, woman and child Buckwild juvenile (rugged child break it down) Jiggers they stick close like crews You never see me spendin cash rules on you fools Cause I don't love you hoes (why not) A lot of y'all cross be laws like got A nigga like me keep it real, word to jesus Respect to the real woman, f**k you skeezers Chorus: (2x) Can you feel it Can you feel it (or do I gotta cock my pistol? ) I'm a juvenile deliquent, I keeps a cocked biscuit Moet and alize be gettin a nigga lifted And when I'm high my mouth is dry I'm not from the sky But a nigga for the eye he better do or die Clack-clack, that's all you hear up in the dark Blaka-blaka, and then two bright sparks The boy fall down while screamin police Wooo jiggy comin, but them no worry me see A criminal for bein crimi-nal No matter who, what, how, when or where it goes down A dramalord plus a punany don In '95 i'ma max like nissan I'ma max, get it, max, i'ma, max-ima, well come along I take you through another chamber, let me pick 36 wu-tang? yeah that be that shit Chorus So I creep ooohhhhhh I roll deep like f.o.i.'s Recognize or get paralyzed I drop jewels like a nervous appraiser A hell raiser, engrave my logo in your back player I bring the pain in many different methods Similar to the lethal injection and your style is seconds What punk, boy I'll box ya up Plus my rhymes is sicker than them kids in somalia Chorus