Dear God (Shyheim)

Dear god, I wonder can you save me? I'm workin out in this world that you made g Homicide rapes and robberies When it happens in my neighborhood police they look for me I'm the prime suspect in the projects I got this f**ked up rep that keeps me behind a step Always broke so I got this attitude In my lab never fool my man, this is crazy rude Gyros and pizza, be my lunch and dinner I know that I'm a sinner, but God help me out nigga I got problems that only death could solve A high school drop out, and my ged won't get me no job My family be callin me a loser Moms she's a boozer, got me livin life with no future The only thing that keeps me strivin is rhymin and uhh Bump n grindin besides that I feel like dying Word to my peoples in the essence I send my blessings I know you gone, but it might be for the best 'cause life is full of stress And the projects you won't progress God, f**k the world, it's a mess Chorus: pop da brown hornet Dear, god, as I look into the sky I pray to you, and i, wonder why I wonder why things be the way they are So until then I pray for that it ends tomorr Verse two: shyheim I'm in another world lookin from the outside in A corrupt planet, operating strictly off sin You ask me will I miss this joint when I pass The world can kiss my ass, I'm staring at the hour glass Every day lived, is a step towards death It's not til you're dead that your bodies at rest A funeral should be a celebration, everyone embracin This song'll be my dedication, unto The two cent s, my cousin duana, and case Rest in peace no-one can ever take your place The pain is eternal No-one to turn to when I sit and think about you No longer in the physical, dealing with your spiritual essence You're gone but we still feel your presence Nothing can bring you back, black Still and all it's just a fact that you gone Dive I intox on the bar, a dagger in the heart For every lifeforce that gets a brand new start It's the harsh reality you're forced to deal with Another family hit crawling in a endless pit Of sorrow, no-one's promised tomorrow Chorus 2x Verse three: shyheim (it seems like the good times vs the bad times) Yo I barely go to school 'cause crime be on my mind Fuck local hits to leakers that's all in the past And I'm livin for the future gotta make the great cash (slow down shorty, goodness come to those that wait If you move too fast I might be going to your wake) True indeed, but I got mouths to feed Members of my family upstate in need for commisary And if you stressin me, gettin the, best of me So it seems like life is my worst enemy (don't let it get to you, shy Life is what you make it, you can't escape it Play you like a bitch and just take it) Hell no, 'cause when I'm goin, I'm goin out with style With two macs going to war with the other side of town Ain't nuttin sweet about me, pop let them niggaz know I'm countin blood money, 'cause I'm a thug honey I use the world as my zoo, I ain't no f**kin dummy I'm street smart, I tear a college grad apart (I gets amped when I think about the slave camps I feel the pain, use a tec-9 to brake away the chain) Yo calm down big fella everything gonna be aight Go lookin for them blues you got a nigga wanna do right (don't sweat it,just play the game of life at your best Life is full of stress and in the projects you won't progress Shy f**k the world it's a mess) Yeah aight Chorus 2x