Here Come The Hits (Shyheim)

Hit after hit makin' MC's quit then they jump on my tip for that old raw hit You thought I got stuck nah kid you're outta luck You can bet your best buck that I serve it up Boom bow upside your head with the led A down low I'll type brotha nuff said You thought I couldn't flip I'll style's like this word peep it Look out for the hit as I freak it jump all around only if you're outta jam But yo keep your ground when brothaz get flam Danger Danger better start runnin search for cover kid the hits comin Check the technique raw rough and rugged came across mad con but never fronted Cause they'll be none of that I keeps on comin' back for more To add more points to the score sound the alarm for destruction iz near Explosion there aint no escape from the real It's hectic, tic, tic tic Boom I flips real quick Awww shit, here come the hits Here comes the hits ya'll Comin out of nowhere with the I'll plan of attack Staten Island comin soon to your map Better get it ? tryin to front ? Hits up to here puttin out mad fear Then I appear after the smoke clears then drop my game on your girl let her know that I'm thorough I grand slam in every burrow cause I'm on third base throwin I'll styles Bad little bastard aka Rugged Child, next up to pop no one is on second The nasty one man gang you can't hang so step back cause u aint qualified burn her Cause u know and I know there's only one son on first, now here comes the man to clean it up Here comes the hit now duck, the click we all got props to earn When it's time do ya we all take turns, it's my go now put on your wool can't quit till im done shut up and sit cause here come the hits Here come the hits ya'll In case that ya'll aint done I got a bitch that's illa First at bat upon Killa, a shorty that holds his own with no problems All just the cream is quickly I'll solve 'em With just a little slick slang from my tongue Or got done by the sword that I brung, the ruckus is with so move back and clear the way Peace to "Doe" who couldn't be here today But this one's bein' sent to you by a crew that's thick (You know the flav) here come the hits Here comes the hits ya'll (fade out