I Declare War (Shyheim)

Bring my x-ray visions See trough you, lace for day Every bullet counts And we don't bush straight I leave you in your ways Leave your shit, spittin' Hollow heads in your head Hollow head collision I'm bad news, extra, extra, read about me Blowin', stolen, Cops glockin' 197 lobby My philosophy making niggas think they rockin' me They can't possible! I'm not a suspect, i'm far from that And that uncontrolled substance Like crack, cocaine And Inspectah Deck I don't know how you see it But it clean ya specks I'm too complex, what you say complex? I leaved you stressed with a complex You better stop playin' games That's the advice I suggest Chorus 2X: I walk like I'm at war Talk like I'm at war Don't sleep like it ain't war You speek like it ain't war Better read the "Art Of War" Before crossing my lines You better read the "Art Of War" Before crossing my lines It ain't over till we even, I even got the life support Machines shook to keep you breavin I'm beef increasing, bees season You can peep my 8 by 10 photos In the 1-20 prison I'm runnin to your vision, squeezin For no reason, make it so hot Hot summer, Shyheim should be a season Be the greatest like Ali Muhamed We get a million youths to march Trough New York like I live Muhamed Predicted platinum, ya know should dimers 27 can glamerish, we communists And ghetto richs to the extreme Devine put the money behind the dreams Of the microphone vein Now rushin trough your screams... Chorus 2X Outro: Bottom lines... *Sounds of war*